Music as a passion and entertainment as a talent; along with professionalism and perfectionism, these are some of DJ Chosen One’s key characteristics.

Chosen One mixes from all genres of black music and in doing so relies on his infallible instinct for casting a spell over his crowd. The DJ owes his unmistakable style to his proximity to the public and his love of detail. While his repertoire includes all types of club sounds, he also draws a good part of his inspiration from R'n'B and Hip Hop. His feel for the latest hits of today – and tomorrow – combined with a flair for technically demanding DJing, guarantees to send partygoers into raptures time and time again.

Autodidacticism and an inexorable desire for success soon brought the artist his initial triumphs. Chosen One has remained true to himself and his own individual style right up to today, all the while quietly – or rather not so quietly – honing his skills.

The foundations for DJ Chosen One’s success were laid with a series of gigs in some of the hottest clubs in the land. On top of this came residencies for various hip labels and the production of his own mixtapes, earning him a place as one of the country’s most promising turntable artists.


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